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Empower Your Purpose

 with support from Laura

Meet Laura

Coach & Instructor

I am passionate about helping people connect to their purpose.   I've surveyed more than 100 professionals in Silicon Valley and Latin America on how they find purpose, create harmony and success.


I love walks in nature, good food, spending time with family and friends, exploring hidden gems around the world, and my morning yoga and meditation practice.


What I Specialize In

Exploring Your Purpose

Tools to Thrive During Transitions

Overcoming Fear to Take Action

Accountability and Support

Connecting with Your Creativity & Inner Voice


Take the first step towards loving your life.

This session was a great reminder about taking care of our well being while working hard in our careers!

- Citrix WIN Program

I have worked with Laura on transitions in my career and her knowledge and insight on next steps have been invaluable.

- Donna Cumming, Health Care Manager

[Power Tools Workshop] gave them a fresh perspective and inspired them to make changes in their daily lives!

- Promatch Staff, EDD and NOVA Job Center collaboration

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